What can I expect with Designer’s Choice?

June 05, 2015 Bloompop Team


At Bloompop, we carefully select local florists (our Florist Partners) based on a very strict set of criteria. We’re able to guarantee happiness on every order because of these high standards. With Designer’s Choice orders, our Florist Partners across the country are given the creative freedom to design an arrangement just for you. As the customer, you can give them guidance in a few different areas. However, most of our customers choose only a price point and leave the rest to the florist - we love that they trust our Florist Partners’ creative judgment as much as we do! 

Ready to have one of the country’s best local florists create a custom design for you? Here’s what to expect with Designer’s Choice!

First, pick a price point:


Next, select your color palette. Or leave it at “Pick something beautiful!”. If you select this option, our Florist Partners will choose a palette based on the season and the freshest flowers they have available.


Next, enter your delivery zip code and the delivery date:


If you have any additional instructions for the florist, that’s no problem! Simply leave a note to the Florist during Checkout:


The great thing about Designer’s Choice is that a fantastic local florist will custom create an arrangement for you based on your preferences as well as what’s in season and what’s fresh in their shop. A few recent Designer’s Choice deliveries are shown below!

Ready to have a Bloompop Florist Partner deliver a jaw-dropping design on your behalf? Try out Designer’s Choice at

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