Your VIP Access: Bloomboxes!


Hello neighbor! If you were one of our lucky Bloombox recipients, then you’re at the right place. Bloompop is the best way to buy gorgeous, artisan flower arrangements directly from local florists across the country. To try us out, go to and use your special coupon code to send flowers to a lucky recipient anywhere in the US!

Our special Bloombox brings you a little green, a little color, and hopefully a lot of joy from our office to yours. If you’re curious about learning more about what’s in your Bloombox, or aren’t sure how to care for your new gifts, read on to find out more about the goodies inside your one-of-a-kind Bloompop package.

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In your Bloombox:

  • Plantables: Green and red seed paper, Mid-Atlantic wildflower seed mix
  • Lovables: Your very own baby succulent plant
  • Additional goodies: Introductory information about us and our wonderful florist partners, fun sticker sheet

Once the danger of the last frost has passed, bury your wildflower seed mix or green and red seed paper under 1/2″-1″ of soil in a sunny spot. Keep soil moist and wait for your flowers to bloom!

The green and red seed paper is completely biodegradable, so no need to worry about harming anyone. The red confetti is plantable, too. Of course, you’ll want to copy down your special code for 50% off your first Bloompop order here!


It was hard to say goodbye to our baby succulent plants, but we know you’ve got a green thumb. To care for your new plant, keep in a sunny spot (but not anywhere that receives long durations of direct, harsh light) and water when soil dries. If it’s not doing well, you’ll know - spots appearing can mean sunlight is too harsh, while withering indicates it needs more water. You’ll also want to transfer your baby succulent to a larger vessel within a few weeks. This baby won’t stay a baby for long, and he needs room to stretch his roots! Finding a container with a drainage hole, or lining the container with rocks underneath your soil will also help keep your little guy happy and healthy in the long run.


Our co-founders Shavanna and Matt, as well as all of our florist partners nationwide, are happy to meet you! The informational sheets will tell you more about our founders and a few of our select local Florist Partners, and the stickers are there for you to have fun with.


Hello from Megan, our Florist Community Manager!

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