Touring the Bloompop Florist Community: Part 1

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Posey Peddler in Easton, PA

Do you know where your local floral shop is? We love saying hello to our lovely florist partners, and if we could, we’d drop by all the time. Really. After all, these places are where the real magic happens.

Today, we’re taking a look at a few of our florist partners’ shops. Scattered throughout the United States in different cities and different climates, these florists have decorated their shops to reflect their character and style. 

Follow along for our tour through the Bloompop florist community! And stay tuned - more are along the way.

Far Hills Florist in Dayton, OH | Our first stop is in lovely Dayton, Ohio. Celebrating 50 years running, Jeff and Barbara Schneider are the designers behind this floral shop. If you visit during warmer weather, you’re sure to see hydrangeas in their beautiful garden! Wish you could check out the interior? We’ve got you covered.

hydrangeas in garden

Far Hills Florist in Dayton, OH

Posey Peddler in Easton, PA | This is next stop is located in scenic College Hill in Easton. For over 40 years, the Posey Peddler has been using educated flower processing and educated designers to prove that knowledge really does make a difference. We love the feel that chestnut colors and gold type create. Watch out! This shop really does go the extra mile in customer service.

chestnut door in shop

Posey Peddler in Easton, PA

MaryJane’s Flowers in Williamstown, NJ | This beautiful floral shop has quite the history. Opened in 2009, the shop previously was owner Sandra Hooper’s father’s office. She and her parents had dreamt of turning the office into a flower shop. Now, Sandra’s mother lives on in the building by taking on the role as its namesake.

cute storefront

MaryJane’s Flowers in Williamstown, NJ

Leigh Florist in Audubon, NJ | The last stop on this journey also has quite some history! Denise Leigh Herker, the current owner, purchased this shop in 2004 from the original owner. Now get ready: the original owner was named Samuel Leigh (fate!), and he established the shop in 1918. We love the hospitable look of this shop and would love to visit in warmer weather!

decorating floral shop exteriors

Leigh Florist in Audubon, NJ