Five Reasons to Buy Flowers from Local Florists


At Bloompop, we often get asked why buying from local florists is so much better than the alternatives. Surely there can’t be that big of a difference between buying from one of the 1800goliaths and buying from a local florist, right? Wrong.

A few reasons why shopping from local florists is THE way to go for flowers:

  • Unique, artisan designs. Just like every person has individual styles and tastes, every local florist has their own unique arrangement style, color palettes, favorite flowers, and signature elements. When you buy from a local florist, you’re buying from an artist - and the incredible designs they produce are a testament to the care, artistry, and craftsmanship that goes into this art form. You’ve never seen flowers like these – and once you try it you’ll never go back!
  • Flowers in a vase, ready to be enjoyed. There’s nothing worse than receiving flowers and having to work to ‘set them up’. Scouring the office kitchen for a vase, borrowing scissors to cut through twist ties and eight layers of plastic in box-shipped flower deliveries. Local florists carefully arrange each unique design, then hand-deliver them in a vase pre-filled with the right nutrient water mix. Don’t make your loved one hassle with your gift – with local florist deliveries, they can simply enjoy.
  • Fresh, high quality flowers that LAST. Imagine being at a grocery store with a professional chef, and the care they would take in selecting fresh, seasonal vegetables for their next creation. The best local florists do the same, with flowers. They are intimately familiar with seasonal availability, growing cycles, timing of flower shipments at their suppliers, and how to carefully select only the freshest flowers of the bunch. It’s the difference that comes from years of first-hand experience working with the best flowers. 
  • Hand delivered - same day and on time. Local florists have their own teams of drivers and cyclists to hand-deliver your flowers - fast. They take the time to make sure your gift gets into the right hands - never leaving flowers in the cold on a doorstep or after hours at an office. They have been delivering flowers (and only flowers!) for long enough to know exactly how to transport and deliver them - on time, intact, and into the hands of your recipient.
  • Support local businesses. It’s tough to be a local florist these days. Competing with multi-national corporations spending millions of marketing dollars, in a digital world far removed from the traditionally offline, brick and mortar nature of a local florist. But just because the big guys are winning, doesn’t mean they should be. It’s a face off between artisan flowers from local florists vs big-spenders hawking sub-par products. At Bloompop, we think local florists are the future. A return to craftsmanship and artistry that can only come from local businesses with real, passionate designers at the helm.

At Bloompop, our #1 commitment has always been to Florist Payday - the amount of money we send to the local florists who have partnered with Bloompop to help them increase their sales. Helping local florists isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the best way to guarantee a flower experience that is leagues apart from what you get elsewhere - *without* sacrificing on price. (Trust us on this last one - taxes, delivery, and service fees at the big guys can quickly double what you *think* you are going to pay!). For a win-win-win, always #shoplocal.