My Fake Valentine by Bloompop

February 12, 2014 Bloompop Team

My Fake Valentine by Bloompop logo

No Valentine? No problem! Take Valentine’s Day into your own hands this year with My Fake Valentine. With a handwritten card and artisan flower delivery by Bloompop, your co-workers will never know the difference!

Here’s how it works:

1) Choose your Valentine (the options are “The Romantic,” “The Secret Admirer,” and “The Creep”)

My Fake Valentine - Choose your Valentine

2) Choose a price tier for your floral arrangement

My Fake Valentine - Choose your Flowers

3) You receive a personalized, hand-written card from your chosen Valentine, along with gorgeous, artisan flowers from one of Bloompop’s local florist partners on Valentine’s Day.

My Fake Valentine is a project by Bloompop, the best way to buy flowers from local florists. 

About Bloompop:

Bloompop is an online marketplace connecting consumers with a curated selection of the best local florists. With simple pricing, flat $10 delivery, and a commitment to featuring only the most creative and high-quality artisans, buying from local florists has never been easier. Bloompop is a Washington, DC based startup operating out of the 1776 DC startup campus.


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