Flower Heart DIY Tutorial

We were thrilled to be featured in Panda Head’s monthly newsletter for February with our flower heart DIY. Here’s the post!

What says love more than flowers on Valentine’s Day? A handmade heart made of flowers, of course! We’ll show you how to make a heart made out of real, fresh flowers in this easy to follow DIY how-to.

The final product:

heart made of flowers


1 Floral foam sculpting sheet. We used this one because we wanted to make a really BIG heart. The foam sheet is 22" x 22" x 3 ½".

50 Roses (stems). We chose two shades in the same purple color family, but get as creative as you like here. Our roses are “Cool Water” (the light lavender) and “Raspberry” (the smaller roses). We wanted to make a dual-tone heart, but with even more shades of roses you could make a really incredible looking ombre design. For a smaller heart, use less roses.

A sheet of paper. As big as you want your heart to be.


A big knife.

Water, and a bucket or bathtub big enough to soak your floral foam in.

Floral shears.

diy supplies for flower heart

Step 1:

Trace your heart shape on the piece of paper.

Step 2:

Pin your paper to the floral foam using tacks so it doesn’t slip off.

flower heart diy

Step 3:

Cut your heart out!

flower heart tutorial

Step 4:

Put your floral foam heart in water and let soak per the manufacturer’s instructions. Ours took about 30 minutes to get totally waterlogged.

Step 5:

Place your wet floral foam heart onto something water resistant, like a trash bag, so you don’t get your work space wet. If you care about getting your workspace wet, that is.

Step 6:

Remove any dead petals and leaves from your roses. Cut a rose stem to about 2”, and push it down immediately into the foam. Repeat with your roses until the heart is filled up! Leave a bit of room between the roses so they have some space to open up over the next few days.

how to make a flower heart

Tip: If you leave space between the roses, save 4-5 stems to ‘fill in’ any gaps once they’ve opened up!

Step 7 (optional):

Make a flower heart buddy for your heart. Because everyone likes buddies on Valentine’s Day.

two handmade flower hearts
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