Flower Design in Productivity Gadgets

flower electronics

In the world of modern retail design, flower-themed gadgets bring the beauty of your favorite blooms indoors and at your side. Reminiscent of the beauty of nature, these sources of visual therapy can perk a day at the office or an afternoon at home. For lovers of flowers and aesthetics, here is a roundup of six gadgets to spur your productivity and creativity.

flower gift idea

Swarovski USB Crystalline Memory Stick This 4 GB USB key features 140 crystals with pink lacquering and silver-tone metal details. Although extravagant for a USB flash drive, it is elegant and could make a stylish gift. It is also available in white and light lilac and can be paired with Swarovski’s ballpoint pens in the same product line.

flower tea egg

arta Tea Leaf Infuser Part of arta’s Cafe collection, this tea infuser brews full pots and single cups of loose leaf tea. Its defining feature, a green plastic stem, rises out of the infuser’s lid to remind us of the habitats that tea leaves originate from.

flower dust plug

Rose Dust Plug Cellphone Charm Dust plugs prevent debris from entering your phone’s earphone jack, and hundreds of designs litter the Internet. These resin rose dust plugs, provided by a seller on Etsy, help keep phones dust-free and double as a cute decoration.

flower usb

USB Scent Flower Unique and a touch quirky, these USB flowers emanate floral aromas. The flower device comes with three scent refills to create a source of aromatherapy at your computer. Various scents, such as chamomile and jasmine, are available.

flower phone case

Vintage Flower iPad and iPhone Cases Unique phone cases allow for an extra layer of individuality and protection (necessary for someone like myself, who has had my phone screen broken one too many times). The cases from this Etsy user are vividly colored and the images wrap around all sides, leaving no visible border. They are printed with an enamel coating.

pressed flowers

Pressed Flower iPhone Case This Etsy user creates iPhone cases out of dried, pressed flowers. Once the flowers dry, they are encased in resin to permanently seal the flowers to the case. Each case is unique. Other designs and colors are available to cater to individual likes.

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