Hypericum Berries

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all of the difference. Hypericum berries come in many different colors and are great for adding a textural element different from flowers or greens. A few of our favorites, below. View all of our local florists’ designs with hypericum accents on our dedicated page here: Hypericum Berries

green hypericum berries with red protea

Classic green hypericum berries in this design from EightTreeStreet florist in Springfield, VA. 

peach hypericum berries and lilies

Peach hypericum berries in “Free to Be" from local florist Free Spirit Floral in Alexandria, VA.

pale cream beige hypericum berries closeup

Pale cream hypericum berries in ”Kathryn“ from Free Spirit Floral.

green hypericum berry flower arrangement

Green hypericum berries in this long and low white and green flower arrangement from Palace Florists in Washington, DC.

green hypericum berries with green flowers

More green hypericum berries in this all-green flower design by DC florist Nosegay Flower Shop.

green hypericum berries

Green hypericum in this spring fresh design by Free Spirit Floral.