In love with: Succulents

indoor succulents planter

Honesty by MultiFlor in Fairfax, VA. $129.

You’ve seen them but you’re not sure what they are. They’re sometimes shaped like flowers but they look nothing like roses or tulips. These slightly alien-looking plants are succulents.

Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves, stems, or roots, giving them a thick and fleshy appearance. Having propogated and adapted to different conditions all over the world, they have grown to have a variety of interesting shapes and forms.

peach wedding bouquet

In the floral world, succulents are enjoying a rise into popularity. Chosen for their refreshing and elegant appearances, wedding designers and brides are opting for succulents in bouquets, centerpieces, and even wedding favors. They are known for their near indestructibility in the office and at home. Unlike leafier plants, they tolerate a wider variety of temperatures and are forgiving of the forgetful caretaker.

succulents wood planter

Gorgeous by themselves or in mixed containers, we encourage you to take a stab at keeping succulents. More than likely, you’ll become an addict! Visit your local shop and see if you can manage to pick just one. It may be difficult.

For beautiful and fun ideas for displaying your succulents, check our Pinterest board. You can give these as gifts, too. See a curated selection below and on our website for a fuss-free, elegant gift that leaves an impression.


Desert Oasis by Thimbleberry House in Las Vegas, NV. $129.


Piedmont by Petals A Florist in Atlanta, GA. $69.


Succulent Bowl by Rainbow Flowers in San Diego, CA. $69.