Local Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2014 - Washington DC

Being #locavores at Bloompop (in the broad, not strictly food sense that we just made up), our list of unique Valentine’s Day gifts has quite a few local DC-area artisans and shops on it. But since we love handmade things in general, a few goodies in here can be purchased from artisans across the country, as well. Either way, you and/or your Valentine will love the unique and (mostly) local but definitely small-batch gifts.


 1) Fleurir Chocolates

This artisan chocolatier calls the DC area home with it’s two shops in Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria. The latter houses their chocolate factory (!), where all of their chocolates are mixed, cooked, and created by hand. Visit them at their shop to buy delicious, creamy chocolates that will melt in your hand and her heart:

SHOP: Fleurir Chocolates in Georgetown and Alexandria, VA.

Fleurir Chocolates for Valentine's Day 2014

2) Bloompop

It is a total coincidence that we work for local floral marketplace Bloompop. Because even if we didn’t, a Valentine’s Day gift guide for DC that *didn’t* include them would be totally nuts. Bloompop lets you shop with the convenience of the internet yet still send flowers with the heart and soul of local floral artisans. How? Because they feature the unique designs of the DC area’s absolute best local florists, and make those designs easily shoppable.

Skip the 1800-goliath BS this year and order flowers that will be as unique and beautiful as your Valentine. Because while your Valentine may love to DIY, she shouldn’t have to assemble her flowers from a box.

SHOP: Bloompop flowers from the best local florists.


Red and White Tulips for Valentine's Day from Bloompop

3) Paper Felt Shop

This Etsy storefront features a killer amount of handmade goods perfect for Valentine’s Day, like this OXO pencil case ($32) and adorable Valentine’s Day cards.

SHOP: Paper Felt Shop gifts on Etsy

Valentine's Day pencil case

Valentine's Day card

4) Le Bustiere

Because writing about undergarments on the internet makes us uncomfortable, we’ll let you head on over to Yelp for the details. But trust us when we say that you’ll be pleased with checking off the ‘sexy lingerie’ box after visiting this store.

SHOP: Le Bustiere in Adams Morgan, DC.


5) Nowvember

Nowvember’s Etsy shop features beautiful and artisanal sticker sets, perfect to romance your Valentine. Just kidding! But they do feature pretty rad and hilarious sticker sets like this one. “Heartthrobs Sticker Set” ($8)

SHOP: Nowvember on Etsy

heartthrobs sticker set etsy
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