Make Your Own DIY Flower Crown for Halloween + Dia de los Muertos

We love Halloween. The decorative gourds, the parties, the costumes–especially the DIY costumes. With so much to love about this holiday, we’re looking for ways to extend it for as long as possible–and wear our costumes to as many places as we can. Enter…Día de los Muertos. From October 31 to November 2, people everywhere will be celebrating this Mexican holiday with poems, sugar skulls, and lots and lots of flowers. Día de los Muertos is all about the marigolds.

In honor of Day of the Dead, our Halloween (and beyond!) costume this year is the holiday’s unofficial mascot, La Calavera Catrina. Although she was invented to skewer the haute bourgeoisie of Mexico a century ago, her floral-inspired style is timeless.

And you can get it. A Día de los Muertos flower headband (and maybe a little face paint) is all you need! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial–make your own Dia de los Muertos flower headband & create a Halloween costume to take you all the way through the weekend. Since we have a few days of parties ahead, we opted for silk flowers this time. But, you can easily substitute real flowers and wire to make a lovely single-use piece that will dry beautifully into to an autumnal wall piece. 

dia de los muertos flower crown

What you’ll need: silk/fabric and real flowers, a hot glue gun, kitchen shears, and a couple non-plastic headbands.

flower crown DIY

We went for deep, autumn colors like dark red and burnt orange. But if you only have access to brightly colored flowers, those can work, too! Just stick with one color family and go wild.

fall colors flower crown

First, pick the heads of the flowers off their stems. These flowers from Michael’s are easy to separate–they just pop right off with a light tug.

flower crown diy

flower crown how to

Once all your flowers are separated from their stems, you need to try to flatten the bottom surface of the flower by cutting off as much of the remaining plastic stem as possible. Go ahead and cut off the remaining green stem still sticking out.

flower crown diy

After you’ve cut off the remaining stem, cover the opening with hot glue to make sure your flowers stay intact.

fall colors flower crown

Now, for the fun part! Arrange your flowers how you’d like to see them on your headband. We balanced the orange and red roses and framed the crown with two auburn mums for a super lush look. If you can, omit the fabric mums and use metal barrettes to clip in freshly-cut marigolds from your local florist!

flower crown materials

Some of our flowers were a little flimsy, so to add structure and dimension we inserted smaller flowers from the original bouquet into the larger buds.

flower crown diy

You’ve got a design! Start hot gluing your flowers to the headband. Keep in mind that your flowers might not lie flat on the headband as they do on your workspace, so prepare to be flexible with your design. Flowers will scrunch up as you glue them and might take up less headband space than you thought, so have some extras nearby.

flower crown diy

After some serious hot gluing, the final product:

day of the dead flower crown tutorial

day of the dead flower crown diy


We want to see you in your Halloween & Día de los Muertos finest.

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