Spring floral trend: tulips

spring floral trends 2015

Spring is in the air and popping up from the ground. Tulips, considered a herald of the new season, are one of the first flowers to bloom.

We’re beginning to see tulips everywhere - in fashion, design, and (of course) gift-giving. Simplicity is big trend this year, and what better way to convey simple elegance than with tulips?

We love tulips because they symbolize the return of warm weather and a breath of life from Winter’s grasp. They make the perfect gift because of the energy and warmth they convey, and they come in a rainbow of colors. From light pinks and warm oranges, to deep purples and vibrant yellows, there really is a tulip for any color palette.

To say happy birthday, to send a wish to get well soon, to convey sympathy, or say congratulations, or just because, tulips are the gift you can’t go wrong with.

purple and orange flowers

Melissa by Marguerite Gardens Flower Shop in Chicago, IL. $129

rainbow tulips

Tulip City by Coden Flowers in Detroit, MI. $69

pink and white tulips

Red and White Tulips by Helen Olivia Flowers in Alexandria, VA. $129

orange tulips

Marseilles by Le Printemps in Washington, DC. $99

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