Why You Can't Really Opt Out of Valentine's Day

With so many expectations, so much consumerism fluff, so much ‘here are the three things you have to do in order to not be a terrible boyfriend on Valentine’s Day,’ you might be tempted to opt-out of Valentine’s Day entirely this year. Maybe you’re planning on sending flowers on other days of the year. Randomly! When they aren’t expected! (Hint: you probably won’t follow through on that one). A word of advice to the would-be optouts out there:


Sure, we hate the pressure that’s put on this hallmark holiday as much as the next guy, but the truth is this is one time when you kind of just have to suck it up and send or do something. Even if you think everyone in your relationship is in agreement about 'not buying into this Valentine’s bs’. Even if you are explicitly told “man I hate Valentine’s Day.”

Actually, especially if you are explicitly told that.

Because in reality, of the 9 in 10 potential Valentine’s recipients who adamantly claim to not want anything, the truth is that when February 14th rolls around and every person around them is getting flowers delivered….they are going to secretly hope yours are still on their way. Maybe with a card.

Nothing too over the top, and might we suggest something with a subtle nod to the fact you both agreed you hate Valentine’s Day? 


Of course…since we are a flower company, we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest pairing them with, yes, some of our local artisan flowers:

Valentine’s Day Flowers from Local Florists

At least you can feel good knowing you are supporting local mom-and-pop flower shops.

Happy V-Day!


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