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Berlin Container - Indoor / Outdoor Planter

Berlin Container - Indoor / Outdoor Planter

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The low profile of the Berlin Rectangle Fiberglass Planter allows it to be used as a striking design element without overpowering a space. The planter, which measures in at 45 inches long and 8 inches tall, can be used to define areas along walkways, walls, windows, counters and ledges in restaurants, retail complexes, resort areas and office buildings.

Paired with ornamental grasses, it can give off a sleek and minimalist look. Accentuate the classic lines of the Berlin Fiberglass Planter  in one of 16 colors, including Matte Black, Gloss Tangerine, Matte Dark Brown, Metallic Silver, and Glossy Red, all of which provide the custom look designers and landscapers seek for design projects at restaurants, hotels, clubs, resorts, office buildings and retail complexes..

The Berlin Rectangle Fiberglass Planter is made by skilled craftsmen of high quality fiberglass and hand finished with an automotive grade process, giving it the durability to withstand extreme weather conditions and maintain its color in direct sunlight. 

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