Terms and Conditions: Flowers & Plants

Fresh Floral and Phalaenopsis Orchid Subscriptions
Freshness and Quality Guarantee

Bloompop guarantees fresh cut floral designs will be fresh throughout the operating week at the client’s location. Orchids will be delivered fresh and continue to bloom throughout the month, while some earlier blooms may fade toward the end of the month. Client must send a photo to support@bloompop.com to receive replacement.

Tips & Care

As an organic product, some blooms will fade while others open or change throughout the week/month. For the best results, floral designs should not be placed near heating or A/C vents, drafty doors, or other areas with frequent temperature fluctuations. In addition, Bloompop recommends adding fresh, cold water to the vase throughout the week, ensuring that stems are never out of water and diluting the buildup of any bacteria in the vase.  


While Bloompop will make  every attempt to accommodate client requests, client agrees to provide at least two week's notice for any changes to upcoming deliveries. Substitutions may apply.

Exterior Container Plantings

Potting Pricing

Pricing is custom based on container sizes. All maintenance transfers immediately to building staff after designers leave the premises. Since Bloompop will not be providing maintenance services, replacements are not provided at no charge. Building is responsible for regular watering, care, and maintenance of plants. Please reach out to support@bloompop.com if you would like our maintenance suggestions!


Due to the seasonal nature of exterior plantings, cancelations are not allowed. Fall installations are scheduled between September - November, weather depending. Region, registration date and scheduling will determine when within this timeframe. Once your order is placed, a team member will reach out to you.

Design Guidelines

Under our Designer's Choice model, our design partners will select a unique combination of plants and flowers for your installation. The collection of images are inspiration only. This is our most popular planting option as our designers freely flexing their expertise results with each installation being truly distinctive!

Product availability varies based on region, seasonal availability and environmental factors specific to your building. Some of our inspiration images include trailing greens and ivies: please note these have been growing since spring and cannot be installed at a fall installation. If you have trailing greens in place, your rotation will include a spruce up. Either way, your planters will be lush with bold & royal colors and bursting with foliage!  

Certificate of Insurance

For all orders, COIs are available upon request. Bloompop only works with  licensed, reputable partners and contractors, who maintain General liability,  automobile, and other insurance appropriate to the activities at hand.