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Pasadena Containers

Pasadena Containers

Combine elements of nature and stunning design with the Pasadena Fiberglass Planter, a sizable rectangular planter that stands nearly 3 feet tall. The planter is available in 16 U.V.-resistant finishes — all applied by hand. Choose from among vibrant colors like Matte Cobalt Blue and Glossy Red or traditional hues, including Matte Black, Matte Charcoal, Matte Brown and Satin Beige.

These planters are handcrafted of high quality fiberglass, giving them a lighter weight that allows for ease of placement but with the durability that can withstand the outdoor elements, including direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. The Pasadena Fiberglass Planter also is a great addition for the indoors; the leak-proof design ensures that interior surfaces aren’t damaged. Use the Pasadena Planter to add dimension, privacy or simply a stunning accent to interior and exterior spaces, including office buildings, resorts, hospitals, hotels, retail complexes and other commercial spaces.

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