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San Diego Containers

San Diego Containers

The geometric lines of the San Diego Square Planter make it a versatile piece that stunningly accents areas throughout interior and exterior commercial spaces. Available in three varying heights and 16 finishes, the possibilities for mixing and matching the San Diego Planter for a custom look are extensive.

Select several of the tall planters in a monochromatic color scheme of Matte Black and Matte Charcoal for an understated look in more classic and sophisticated areas. Or call attention to a corner of a lobby or lounge area with pops of color in one of the many impressive available color finishes.

This modern planter is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, who use high quality fiberglass in the construction. The finishes are applied using a professional automotive finishing process. The San Diego Planter can be used equally well in interior and exterior spaces, as it is able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without fading or cracking.

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